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This Power Sled + H-Harness is simple to use, brutally effective, and can be used to train a wide variety of fundamental pushing and pulling movements.

Provides the sort of supplementary training for heavy lifters that will benefit their strength training, and is far more useful in terms of conditioning and recovery for strength athletes than riding a bike or going for a run.

The Power Sled + H-Harness is certainly a powerful tool for building serious strength endurance in the legs and hips – something that everyone from strength athletes to marathon runners can benefit from.

One of the bonuses of building strength endurance in the lower body with the Power Sled is that either pushing or pulling it creates minimal eccentric load, which means less muscle damage and therefore less recovery time than other strength endurance training with higher eccentric load.

With light loads and short distances, the Power Sled + H-Harness can be used to improve acceleration. Quick acceleration is one of the most important skills for a huge range of team sports and many track and field events.

What is a Power Sled and What are they for ?

It may surprise you how Versatile a Sled Workout can be. If you are not a personal trainer or fitness enthusiast you may not see the potential of the power sled just by looking at it. Many people may look at it and see pictures of sprinters, body builders and football players running with the power sled attached to them with a shoulder harness or waist belt and think they are only for sprint or weight training but they are far more versatile.

Power Sleds allow You to Control the Speed of Contraction! You can control the speed of your muscular contractions to create a strength training workout or power workout. If you perform a power workout, you will be pulling the power sled as hard as you can with good form to get it to slide on the ground as far as possible. If you are going for strength you will use heavier weights and perform slow contractions.

You can Use Power Sleds to achieve a Variety of Health and Fitness Goals

Power Sled exercises can not only help you train for explosive power. You can train for strength, stabilization and balance for your entire body. Power Sleds are versatile enough that you can use them by themselves for dynamic Power Sled workouts or along with other classic forms of resistance like free weights, body weight, or cables.

Power Sleds Allow you to Exercise Anywhere

All you really need is about 20m of relatively flat ground. You can use the power sled on grass, Astroturf, gravel and even cement if you do not care about it getting scratched.

If you do not usually perform outdoor workouts a sled workout outside in the beautiful weather will be a great experience which may rejuvenate your fitness program.


It has all the functionality of both the Dog and the Prowler sled.
Made from heavy duty 11-gauge steel
2 x posts/poles + T-bar allows for quick changes in direction without having to turn the sled around, allows the user to push the sled from both a low and high elevation to maximise the sleds use.
Flat bottom with 3 x replaceable nylon skid plates on the feet for a smooth pulling and pushing motion on all types of surfaces
2 x bumper plate storage rods to load your sled right up
Multi point attachments allows for an even load during pulling exercises
Great to attach a MTX unit to incorporate dragging and pulling exercises
Heavy duty H-Harness also included
Maximum loading weight 250kg
Approx 32kg in weight
Foot print = 1.14m x 1.04m


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