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Pro-Petite uses the latest protein technology and is ideal for everyday use. Making it the perfect shake for women to use as either a low calorie meal substitute, or as a recovery formula around training times. Many love Pro-Petite as the perfect sweet delight after dinner at night, to keep the calories at bay while still supporting your nutritional requirements... All the satisfaction and delight without having to be so naughty.  

Pro-Petite features a rare sustained protein release effect, with the combination of whey protein concentrate (WPC) & calcium caseinate protein is provided rapidly as well as prolonged. WPC is a fast absorbing protein whereas caseinate is more slowly absorbed, when combined a timed release of protein is achieved, meaning a constant supply of amino acids is supporting your muscle nutritional needs. Backed-up by Vitamin B complex, MCT and Bromelain Pro-Petite is the perfect complete protein supplement for every women. 

Pro-Petite is presented in a convenient package with a suggested serving size of 20gms appropriate for women. Ideal for Body Shaping competitors or women partaking in a weight management program where extra protein is needed. 
High Protein, Minimal Carbohydrates, Lowest Fat, Lowest Sugar

Only 79 Calories per serving

Over 4 grams of BCAAs per small 20 gram serve

Features a more sustain release making this protein ideal for between meals and before bed 

NZ Ultra Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate, NZ Calcium Caseinate

Pro-Petite is a fantastic tasting shake perfectly suited to support the nutritional supplementation needs of women. Pro Petite is a premium quality protein which is designed to support muscle nutrition when combined with a physical training or exercise program. Pro-Petite is very low in fat and carbohydrates, contains no added sugars and mixes easily in a shaker.

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