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With the ever-increasing busy lifestyle of people, establishing and maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet on the run can be difficult to achieve. These nutritional needs are further emphasised for an individual exercising or training. 

A convenient, no fuss way of meeting your nutritional requirements is found in the ProCrunch Meal Replacement Protein Bar. ProCrunch is a delicious and healthy meal replacement packed with 22g of Protein, energy balanced SmartCarbs, 4g of dietary fibre and a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals. Crunchy Protein Nuggets create a tasty burst of protein with every bite. 

For efficient absorption, protein should be consumed with carbohydrates at regular intervals throughout the day, especially before or after exercise. SmartCarbs are a special all natural blend of carbohydrates that provide instant and sustained energy without harsh sugar spikes or crashes. The unique blend of Protein and SmartCarbs in this ProCrunch Bar will help supply protein to support healthy strong muscles and supply energy to help keep you physically active throughout the day. 

Proactive ProCrunch Bars – Sugar Profile
Importance of carbohydrates and protein for recovery 

It is well known that protein is needed for muscle recovery and growth, however, the importance of other macronutrients to assist in the body’s recovery from physical activity is often overlooked. In order to effectively recover from physical activity, the body must be provided with adequate nutrition to replace the fluid and electrolytes lost in sweat, replace muscle glycogen levels and repair and rebuild damaged muscles. Inclusion of all macronutrient groups is important to effectively achieve optimal recovery. 

Protein is needed to repair and rebuild the tissues of your body, including damaged muscle fibres, by supplying your cells with protein building blocks called amino acids. Your body digests the protein you eat to create a pool of amino acids, which you can then assemble into new muscle proteins as you need them. 

The body uses carbohydrates for energy during times of exercise. It is stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen and can be rapidly broken down in to glucose when it is required. If there are insufficient glycogen stores in your muscles and liver, then the body will begin to use protein as an alternate fuel source. This prevents the protein from being able to repair and build the muscles, outlining the importance of a combination of protein and carbohydrates post exercise. 

The ratio of carbohydrate to protein in the ProCrunch bars is approximately 1.2:1, significantly lower than the recommended 4:1 ratio. In this sense, the ProCrunch bars are actually reasonably low in carbohydrate, for the huge protein hit that they supply. 

The RDI (recommended dietary intake) of sugar for adults in Australia and New Zealand is 90g; hence one ProCrunch bar contributes approximately 21-22% of the RDI, however. What is more important is the source of the carbohydrates and sugars in the ProCrunch Bars, they are mostly natural sugars, providing additional nutritional benefits as opposed to the “empty calories” from sugar alone. 

The list below outlines the sources or ingredients that contribute to the total sugar content in the ProCrunch bars, listed in order of descending contribution. 

Milk Chocolate Compound and Glucose Syrup Solids 

The milk chocolate compound is the only ingredient that contributes pure refined sugar, in the form os sucrose. However, the sucrose from the milk chocolate compound contributes only 25% to the total sugar content, with the rest coming from natural sources. The glucose syrup solids are made up of mono and disaccharides, which are rapidly absorbed by the body. 


Honey is a natural source of sugar. Granulated sugar is 100% sucrose, whereas honey is made up of <1% sucrose, and the remaining sugar from fructose and glucose. Fructose and glucose are monosaccharides, and are the building blocks of sucrose, a disaccharide. 

Fruitfrim and Energy Smart 

Fruitfrim and energy smart are both ingredients made up of a combination of naturally occurring mono and disaccharides plus specially developed medium – chain carbohydrates. These ingredients provide a quick burst of natural energy followed proven, longer-lasting energy. Studies have shown that energy smart provides an initial surge in energy, followed by up to 50% longer lasting energy when compared to sucrose and fructose (measured in terms of elevated blood glucose). Fruitfrim and energy smart do not cause a hypoglycaemic effect, as they are made with fruit juice and a natural grain dextrin. The fruit juice provides the short chain carbohydrates (sugars) for the initial natural energy release, whereas the dextrin’s made up of branched chain glucose units, is more slowly broken down to maintain the blood glucose level over time. 

Apple Juice Concentrate 

Contains only natural sugars- No added sugar

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