Just Add Water.

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Water should be the most important factor in anyone's diet no matter what there goal is. The body is made up of between 50-75% water depending on body composition and is responsible for every single metabolic function in the body, including protein synthesis. So if your training intensity is high, one of the simplest things you can do for your body is to drink more water.

Water flushes out toxins and other metabolic waste products from the body. Water is especially important when following a "high protein" diet, as it helps remove excess nitrogen, urea (a toxic substance), and ketones. If you're eating big to gain weight, then you need even more water to help your kidneys do their work. Because of this drinking more water will actually make your liver metabolize fat better for energy helping with fat loss!

Research has shown that being as little as 3% dehydrated will affect athletic performance!

If you are a person trying to achieve strength or muscle gains or fat loss this can defiantly be an obstacle. Aim to drink 0.5 litres per 10kg of body weight per day and add an extra litre for every hour of physical activity.

This is THE FIRST thing I look at when training anybody for any reason.

It is something everybody can do that will definitely make a difference.
Latest update: 23/06/2016

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