Understanding The Body 101

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Simple Science… Why you cannot waste time with artificial / synthetic nutrients.

When you fully comprehend this.. you will start to see food differently.

The entire human body – atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs – is made from food, water and air. Every nerve, muscle gland, secretion, bone and hair begins as food we eat, water we drink or air we breathe.

Everything that makes up our body originated outside of it. Water and air – simple molecules universal to all life – are absorbed into the body unchanged. Foods, on the other hand, consist of complex substances that differ from one species to another and even from on member of a species to another member of the same species.

Foods carry the potential for building optimally functioning – health – bodies, but they must first be transformed by digestion. If undigested foods were to enter our bloodstream, serious illness would result. Undigested foods are incompatible with the body and with health. Our digestive system turns the food material that we eat and drink into material compatible to our body, from which our body and our health can then be built.

After digestion transforms the food we eat into compatible components, the body absorbs these components and uses them as building blocks to construct the molecules, cells and tissues that are the human body.

When digestion fails to effectively transform foods into its small, compatible, health-building body construction materials, incompatible (undigested) food molecules may be absorbed. These interfere with the co-operative succession of events vital to the harmony of health. They may create social disharmony on the molecular level by stealing electrons. Molecular fragments known as free radicals result. The body’s defences, organized by the immune system, come out to neutralize these free radicals. If the first defences are insufficient, the immune system steps up its activities and complex molecular events take place that we experience as acute and chronic disease.

Latest update: 28/10/2016

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