Pure Maltrin a High Quality Carbohydrate, Lowest Sugar.


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Pure Maltrin is a complex carbohydrate Maltodextrin that is extremely low in sugar that can still provide a rapid release. Carbo-Plex is well known for digesting freely in the human body and causes no bloating.

If you're finding that you're really struggling to make it through your workouts - or you're just having trouble getting through your day, it's vital that you take a look at the carbohydrate content in your diet. Carbohydrates are one of the main three macronutrients along with proteins and fats that will form the base of your diet. Carbohydrates are the body's preferred energy source.  
Carbo-Plex is made up of Maltrin® M100, a high quality Maltodextrin made from dent corn and is manufactured by the Grain Processing Corporation. Maltodextrins are complex carbohydrates, also known as glucose polymers, derived from corn starch. They are not simple sugars though can still provide a rapid release.
They are most often categorized by a dextrose equivalence (DE). DE is a measure of reducing power compared to a dextrose standard of 100. The higher the DE, the greater the extent of starch depolymerisation, resulting in a smaller average polymer size which causes more bloating and is mainly dextrose.  
MALTRIN® maltodextrins are defined by the FDA as products having a DE less than 20. Maltrin 100 which Syn-Tec uses in Carbo-Plex has a DE of 10 which is a lot lower and far superior to other Maltodextrin formulas in the market place. This means that Carbo-Plex digests easily within the stomach and doesn't cause bloating.

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