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Deluxe Foam Roller
Simply use your body weight to apply pressure to sore and tight spots in your back, legs, buttocks or arms. Overtime these sore areas will become desensitized and over active muscles more controlled. Denser foam for longer durability and more effective usage Hex pattern for grip during strengthening..
  • 1 x Foam Roller +$64.90 1 x Foam Roller ($64.90)
MTX Suspension Training Unit
The MTX Suspension Trainer is the best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. ..
  • MTX Complete Unit +$89.90 MTX Complete Unit ($89.90)
Weighted Vest
This Weighted Vest is made of heavy duty reinforced nylon, featuring double padded shoulders for added comfort. There are adjustable strap and velcro closures that can be adjusted underneath so you can easily adjust the body length of the vest by sliding the straps ups and down through the D-rings. ..
  • 10kg Weighted Vest +$139.90 10kg Weighted Vest ($139.90)
  • 15kg Weighted Vest +$139.90 15kg Weighted Vest ($139.90)
Professional Resistance Bands (Set 4)
Perform pull-ups, chin-ups and dips for the first time, or achieve more reps than ever before with the Professional Resistance Bands. Regardless of your fitness level, the Professional Resistance Bands resistance will help you lift your own bodyweight, making it easier to build upper body strength a..
  • Set of 4 +$159.90 Set of 4 ($159.90)
Power Sled + H-Harness
This Power Sled + H-Harness is simple to use, brutally effective, and can be used to train a wide variety of fundamental pushing and pulling movements. Provides the sort of supplementary training for heavy lifters that will benefit their strength training, and is far more useful in terms of condi..
  • Sled + Harness +$299.90 Sled + Harness ($299.90)
Parallette Bars "Smal" (Pair)
This is a simple, portable, yet multi-purpose and versatile piece of strength training equipment Work arms, chest, back and core muscles like no other can, using your own body weight as resistance To add extra resistance you can wear a weight vest or include a medicine ball Push yourself to..
  • Pair of 2 +$89.90 Pair of 2 ($89.90)
Elite H-Harness
Elite H-Harness will fit any brand power sled Padded shoulders Extra wide lock in buckle Extended pull strap Industrial Carabiner Strong enough to pull a car ..
  • 1 Size Fits All +$69.90 1 Size Fits All ($69.90)
Gymnastic Rings (Pair)
Gym Rings with heavy duty webbing and metal cam buckle Made from a highly durable ABS plastic compound with a textured easy grip finish Gym rings designed for strength and fitness training Adjustable straps, light weight and portable Strap length: 4.3m x 2.5cm width Ring Diameter: 23.5cm Load ..
  • Pair of 2 +$79.90 Pair of 2 ($79.90)
Wrist & Ankle Weights
Tone and strengthen your lower body whilst running, stretching or doing chores with these fantastic weights. Wear on your ankles or wrists for a low impact workout throughout the day. Ideal for increasing calorie burn during lower body activities and building strength. Made from neoprene Velc..
  • 2kg Weight +$34.90 2kg Weight ($34.90)
  • 3kg Weight +$39.90 3kg Weight ($39.90)
  • 5kg Weight +$44.90 5kg Weight ($44.90)

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